Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Teaching a greedy fella

We were on leave yesterday. Slept until 3pm. Woke up just because of hunger, hee!

I decided to make some deserts for dinner, was thinking to make Dang-Yuan but changed to Buah Melaka instead (I bought the gula Melaka during our quick holiday last weekend for RM4 for half kilo). Buah Melaka is also knows as onde onde :). Well I love local deserts. Especially bubur cha-cha, a fragrant pandan creamy coconut sweet thick soup with chunks of yam, potatoes and jelly. Best served chilled or hot. If I am not mistaken, the origins of this the Bubur Cha-Cha desert is a result of a historical mixed-marriage between a Malay king and Chinese princess, where a time Malaysia was once known as "Tanah Melayu". It was from this marriage that an entire culture was born - Baba-Nonya.

Seb was all excited to help me in the kitchen. He volunteered to mix the flour, to boil the water, to blend the pandan leaves and to do everything (trying to steal my recipe so that if I am not around he can still survive huh!). Since, he was so eager to learn, I agreed to teach him how to do Buah Melaka :). He even competed with me to do this and that. Greedy fella!

We started to shop for the ingredients downstairs. Came back home, asked him to clean his hands, started to mix the flour, blend the pandan leaves and yada yada yada.

So, how to make this Buah Melaka? Easy, here how you make them;

1. Mix pulut flour with some gandum flour using thick pandan juice, and some plain water.

2. Form small balls with the dough. Flatten it thinly (flatten dough as thin as possible to ensure buah Melaka is soft even after few hours), and fill with gula melaka (grated finely) and seal it carefully cause if it leaks, it won't taste good (after sealing each ball, plunge into boiling water immediately or dough will be very soft).

3. Put into half a pot of boiling water and boil until it floats. Dish and drain, coat the balls with grated coconut.

4. Serve and eat!


Here are some shots of his first lesson;

Yeah, stronger baby, use more strength!

Try not to mess the table alright?

Lembik, so add more flour.

Cutting the gula Melaka into small pieces to fill into the formed dough.


Place on grated coconut (the white part) with some pinch of salt.
When a man roll the dough, it ended up big, yes BIG, like really big!

By the way, last 2 nights while I was helping Seb to take the projector from 16th floor, I smelled smoke from outside office, and when we opened the door to take lift down to 6th floor, we saw smoke coming out from one of the lifts. Building is on FIRE!!!!!! Run! That's the first thing on my mind.

We took the stair case all the way down from 16th floor to ground floor, on the way, bumped into one girl (all wet), crying, with a guy who has rescued her. Apparently, she was inside the lift! Downstairs, there were 2 fire engines and 2 BOMBA vans and a lot of people staring at the building, talking with each other and calling friends and family, "Aiyo, my office is on fire oh!" or "Oh die la, my handbag is still upstairs eh".

Wah, our life is so dramatic! Some shots here;

Emma and I, being dramatic.

The fire engine and the kay-poh crowd.

Close-up of the fire engine! Heee like school kiddoes!

Lots of love,
Happy Yan.


  1. i love the desert.can u send to dublin plssss...!heeee;p

  2. Oh god,
    I hope I can do that tho'
    like seriously!
    Anything that I can do for you?
    Can tahan meh the desert if I courier?

  3. Romance= you two!


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