Saturday, February 2, 2008

A pet for New Year (Rat? )


We are getting a pet(s) for this new year!!

Rat because it's a year of rat?
Hmmmm NO maybe a hamster yes?

Well, went to see some choices for our new pet.

Some shots here;

Would it be a pair of hamster?

Would it be a bunny?

Would it be a lil squirrel?

Would it be a super cute kitten?

Would it be a guinea pig?

Would it be a pair of tortoise?

Would it be cute puppy?

Heee we'll see after new year Okay?


Alright, so today is Saturday. And I'll be working on weekend. Again :(

No movies for tonight since we'll be staying over at hotel and no cooking for tomorrow since we'll be working the whole day.

Have applied leave for CNY. And feeling so so so excited for next week haha! It's the queen's birthday :) Will shop for lil brother's birthday present and will make sure that I have enough energy for this year's birthday celebration(s).

Since I have shopped for my New Year's new clothes, will shop for Seb's new clothes this week.
And need to shop for my sexy bare-back new cheong sam too :)
And to clean the house before new year. Ah quite a number of things to do right?
And, yada yada yada ;p.

Will be on leave for a week. Might be going for a quick holiday too. So, be with me okay. Will update you all soon on New Year.

Happy New Year people!
May you have a happier and prosperous one, like mine :D


  1. Hey beautiful,

    Fyi,u r listed on my top blogs.

    Happy CNY.

    Life is Good!!!

    Christien New

  2. oh hey!

    God, you seriously did?
    aw. I am so happy now :)

    Happy New Year!


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