Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My daily headache!

Headache is the most common complaint for which I see neurologists and the seventh most common reason I visit my primary care doctors.


Migraines and chronic headaches are miserable. Every day I try to keep them from ruling (or ruining) my life. Some days it works. But mostly NO.

I have taken Migranal, Epidrin, Cymbalta, Depakote, Fiornal, Elavil, Effexor, Keppra, Valium and all of the triptans, to name a few. And a lots of Panadol. That's all I can recall, BUT until now it's still the same.

For reasons that are obvious to me, I am just about to lose my low level job and my few remaining interests. And so worried that I gonna do teh same with honey. After all, long enough plus of hearing someone whine about their pain is more than just about anyone can take, however noble he may be.

I have been extremely depressed lately about this headache problem and have began taking Panadol like candies. Ohhhh I am so worried of this problem, seriously. Honey said maybe I need fresh air everytime I whine about my headache, so he will open the windows while driving and if at home he will open the sliding doors and windows just to make sure that I feel better. Thanks honey!!! For always layan-ing me! For laughing with me!

Hmmm today is not a really good day!My headache comes again :(
My head feels so painful urmm so heavy :s ( can I say this?)

It was okay until I screwed up with my own promise (not to skip meal)
well I am not that good in doing this ( heee)

I went to Honey's office to get some kisses (heeee) Missed him badly duh!
And once I got back to office, I felt that again:(
and straight away MSN'd honey that I am getting headache again. I think honey must think that I am so mafan or spoiled (please dont feel that way baby you know I am not right though I love to have your super sweet attention ;p)

Am I faking it?
Am I actually unwell?

But I can tell you that it's real. When clock turns 4 pm ish, headache comes and ruin my day :(
Last few days, I promised myself not to skip meals since I honestly thought its because of my bad habit(skipping meals - everyday!!)

Okay, since today I have screwed up , I will try again tomorrow!
If I don't skip meal, but still suffer from this bloody headache so I think I need a professional advice on this! I can't take it anymore. It's annoying to keep falling sick ferpetesake!
It's so not ME. :( I want to run on the field and be super active like always again please.
I want to be blown by the wind without headache again.

I miss to laugh loudly after 4pm at office :(

Any advice??Please...

And yesterday, I went to Susie's house (accompanying honey to deliver the old pond to her place) And here are some shots I managed to capture there:

P/S Thank You all for listening (or Reading) my rambling


  1. darling!
    i think u shld get a very nice and long NAPPPPPzzz bcoz sumtimes tdo can make ur migrain hilang.


  2. I tried. But it didn't work lo. Fell so restless :(

  3. whats wrong with youuuuu babe?

    go see doctor la.


  4. Akma;

    Thanks babe :)

    oh sweetheart, I have no idea why :S


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