Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Apple of Boss's Eyes?

I am very pissed off now. Seriously, I am at work but I am not doing any work. Hello??

Because you all know why?They don't let me do my work. They said that I am boss favorite. I am apple of his eyes, his diamond.

"you know how much he loves you what?"

What? What? What?


So what I do to pass the time, I blog. I keep calling honey. I keep messaging him. I keep thinking nonsense. Too much free time drives me nuts! I want to do my work. I am good doing it. I know I am and he knows I am too. That's why he loves me, idiots!

This morning I was so busy updating things and now I am work-less. They turned to be sarcastic. Just because they so-called-don't-want boss to say that they bully me!!!

I have never placed myself high. I do what I should do. I don't say that I can't do petty things.
He asked me to stay humble and polite, so I am.

See, I even sticked this motivation thing at my place (well radio and pics are compulsory lar);

I also like you all lar!

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