Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My birthday!

Edited : January, 30 2008

Okay stop stop stop! Don't buy me the camera yet! ;p. I went to Mid Valley today with honey and found out that the T2 Sony Camera is so 'bulky' and fei chai-look!

Urm, honey has told me earlier to not to decide anything based on pictures and pictures only. I guess he's right. Totally right!


Got some brochures on T2;

So I have decided to change it to T70 instead.
The stylish, slimline Cyber-shot T Series from Sony gains a feature-packed new model that makes it easier than ever to grab great pictures. The Sony Cybershot T70 complements exquisite HD imaging quality with exciting innovations like the new ‘Smile Shutter’ mode for happy faces when you’re shooting family and friends as well as a clear, wide extra large touchscreen. The svelte Sony T70 makes a serious fashion statement with a choice of silver, black, white, and pink finishes. The Sony Cybershot T70 digital compact camera features the new Sony Cyber-shot “Smile Shutter” function, which enables the camera to automatically react to a smile - a first for digital photography.

They also have my favorite pink color :)

And also, accessories!! Yes!!!
It comes supplied with all the necessary connectors and a remote control for ease of use.
And the classy leather case with magnetic catch and 2G memory card. You can also add Stylus. Looks classy no? :)

Sony T70 key features
• 8.1 effective Megapixels
• Smile Shutter
• 3.0-inch wide LCD touchscreen
• Face detection
• Photo TV HD output
• 3x Optical Zoom

Any advice?

By the way, some pictures for your reference alright :)

4 colors of selection.

The wide/touch screen.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

My birthday is coming!!!
In less than 2 weeks time.

Please please please please please get me this ;

It's Cyber-shot T2 Album.

I promise you, I'll behave. I'll be a good girl.
I don't mind if you need to share money.
I don't want anything else.
I don't mind if I don't receive any handbags this year.
I will treat you lunches,dinners or breakfast ( well maybe it's too early)

Not good-girl-look enough?


  1. *boo

    not good girl look enough.


  2. Yan,

    Maybe you should ask you super-loving-boyfriend to buy you the camera instead of blogging it here.

    I believe he has money and earning quite well to have such a high-maintenance girlfriend like you,right?

    If he is that loving boyfriend la.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    I seriously think that you suffer from a serious brain damage.


    Please la.

    dont kepoh here la.

    let it be la who's going to buy her the camera.

    why?your bf dont want to buy you is it?
    or you dont even have one? such a pity!

  4. yeah,

    what is wrong with her asking the camera from other people not the bf?


You saying?