Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I can't believe I am starting to blog again. He said people who do blogging is because they are lonely and have no friends.

Sigh! Am not okay.

By the way,


Last time I used to say this word and he taught me not to used this word cause it hurts in a way.

"whatever" is the answer that I got when I talked to him yesterday.
I picture him in front of his PC, typing the "whatever" with no emotion.

When I used to use this "whatever" last time, I only have two ways of saying it. I either exhales a weary "whatever", as though the thought of doing anything other than preening my split ends is too enervating, or I indignantly snaps "whatever", as though the question is a personal attack, I'd like to adopt this approach again!!

Yan, he hates you!


And you are fired!

"whatever, as of I even liked that job"

And you are depleting your savings with no means of income in sight, plus you owe somebody RM780, plus you need to pay for your own bills.

"That is so not a problem. I could, like, totally tell the fellar I have no money to pay him and I can possibly don't eat"

Sigh, and that, of course, is what I must do starting now!!!!

Being the Miss Enthusiastic again!!

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