Saturday, June 2, 2007

TGI Friday, May 31st 2007

last night, went to TGI Friday the curve for free dinner!!!

Wah! I was so full. And a lil usual :D want to know why? keep reading.

Our company programmer's treat! really hope this project will boom and once it's up, i can have more free time and more money!!!! Can go shopping oh.

btw, It was 8.30pm, i was having my main dish, I was enjoying the Fridays shrimps and after a while, I saw Philip, he was walking in...and guess what, he was with this hot girl, actually my friend said she is not that hot-whatever! the point here is, he didn't even said HI....he is not an ordinary friend,man! he is my boyfriend for five bloody years,man!!!!!!

and I calmed myself down, maybe he didn't see me...well, so i was like playing the hide and seek game, and pipping on him and the girl, for god sake, i just want him to say hi, c'mon man, i don't care lah..we are not together anymore, and i am happy with my love life, what made me disappointed was, PHILIP didn't say Hi to me...he was never like this...NEVER!!!!

he just got back to Malaysia, and kept calling me out la, messaging me lah, AND after few years didn't see him, we bumped into each other-but.........NOBODY has ever said Hi!!!!!!!
Damn it!!!!

I was hoping he will say hi first, i mean, he is a man, if NO-hmmm, be a man! do the right thing(Thats what I always heard from Canaan :D)

I started to feel bad, seeing him right in front of me(after few years never seen each other) but never said a word, or maybe I should understand lol, maybe the girl is his first date after so he must be very careful -maybe he will offend the girl if he said hi to me since obviously i am muchhhhh better and hotter...hahaha...hahahha...more laugh!!!!!!!

wtf yan?!!!!!!!

how should i say yea....actually.... I felt bad not because i still have feeling towards him but because we have shared so many things together, we were lovers for 5 years, five sweet years, and we have promised to each other that we will keep in touch and will never push anybody away, we will talk-we will be BEST FRIEND-BFF!!!!!!! and the most interesting part is, we never fought, we had a mutual agreement to break off. PEACE!!!! :D

last time, we made a deal, that we will share stories about our current boyfriend or girlfriend..and i always talked about my love life with him, i share my happiness. but why cant he?

I was talking to Ray, that i am sakit hati and one of the TGI Friday's staff heard my conversation and he was trying so hard to entertain me, gave me few glasses of free alcohol(that was the reason I got high..hahaha), played few games with me til some of the customers there kept staring at me, they must be thinking " why on earth is this girl getting so special treatment like that but not us??"......and here i would like yo thank you, Dean!!!!!

hmmm....anyhow,back to the story, so i finished my food and excused myself to the ladies...cannot tahan la..sakit hati oh....

and on the way to ladies, i bumped into Jayne(correct spelling?), she is one of Seb's friends la...actually before see her, i was talking to myself..bla bla bla...(you know, my new habit, when i think about something embarrassing me, i will talk to myself,curse myself and start laughing...idiot!)-lucky she didn't see me talking to myself or else she gonna say that i am completely crazy...well...:D. After washed my face, i came out from the ladies and guess who i saw?

The idiot Philip!!

grinning and smiling like nothing has happened...haha..he is still the same..always smiling.just like me! :D and he is holding a stalk of flower( the same sunflower that i saw in the ladies) you guys should know la where did he got it from right? ;P

He said "Hi sexy!"

and I said, " Hi idiot!"

hahaha..and we started laughing...Philip Philip...Why oh why la..oh, I miss him, he is my best friend..he is my best buddy...we are not meant to be lovers but we are totally meant to be best friends!!!!

we talked a bit, he gave me the stolen flower,he told me that he is going out with the girl, i wished him all the best and we got back to our own agenda for that night!!!

and i really had fun at TGI Friday last night, i had free alcohol, i had the chance to know my programmer better, i bumped into Philip and his new girl and I had a good dinner, overall, i had a good time last night plus when i got back home, the he came over, we watched TV and he left home to pack his bags- we are heading down to Kelantan today for a friend's wedding and can consider as a short holiday for us :D

to philip:
i am sure sooner or later you will read this blog, all i want to say is, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!!hahaha,miss you buddy!
wanna meet my love? theeee....I love him doll...:D can see my face now? geee...glowing!!!


  1. hey juicy :) yea, that's how u spell my name, hehe :)

  2. oh yea? hahaha..good at least i didnt spell your name wrongly cause I always do..:D


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