Thursday, May 31, 2007

massage therapy

hot hot hot...
arghh,it is bloody hot out there.

so headache la...

last night, i watched a show, cant really remember the title but the fella in the show kept talking about hug therapy!

and today i want to talk about massage therapy.

Just now, went to section 14 town to duplicate some keys- the building owner has just installed a glass door downstairs, feel safer tho, so I had to duplicate keys for everybody. Oh, one thing before I forgot- when I was there, its either I am lucky or unlucky-you decide-I saw a crowd of people at this tailor shop. I was wondering why so many people, then- as kepoh as I am, (:P) I asked one fella "why". Then the fella told me that somebody died. "Died?" aiyahhhh..."what happened" I keep on kepohing.. the fella said the guy went to the tailor shop to fix his baju or something and suddenly fell down and die.

Arghh...well, back to my topic for today, I went to section 14, duplicated my keys and had some drinks, while waiting for my keys to be ready, I was thinking how nice if I can go to hair salon and wash my hair!!!!! cause my headache was quite bad actually,plus it was bloody hot. BUT, I was rushing to go back to office.HOW???

After some thoughts, i decided to go and the fella washed my hair and surprisely, today he gave me a very nice+good+proper massage!!!!

He massaged my head, shoulder and my upper back.Ahhhhhhh....:) haha...honestly i feel so good though and my headache gone!!!!!!

and now i am back to office and feel more motivated to work though i am actually blogging not working..hahaha..its 6pm, i can go back anytime I want but i just feel lazy to go back, i still want to lazy here.

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