Wednesday, May 30, 2007

reading with the right attitude

Today I want to talk about READING...

It’s weird how intellectual allegiance works. How do the scientists become scientist huh??Do they read a lot??!!!

I had an interesting experience last weekend when I was on the way to Kajang to fetch Isyraf home, taking train. While waiting for the train at KL Central, I saw a "buleh" as what Indonesian call or "mat salleh" as what Malaysian call or as what I always call them "kuay Lo", she is reading a book (while most of the passengers there- who majority is Malaysian- are talking to each other or either playing with the handphone or just simply staring at each other :) and as for me, I was listening to music-sharing the earphone with Isyraf!)
oh back to the story-yes, she is reading a book and guess what is the book's title?


And as kepoh as I am, I was trying to find out whether or not this kuay lo is Muslim, I kept staring at her trying to get something that show that she is one. Then I saw she was wearing a cross pendant. Well, if you can read my mind- you will know how excited I am and what is the point that I am trying to tell you-see- I really admire the way they are thinking-though they are not Muslim, they don't mind to read, they don't mind to know, they don't mind to learn and that makes them knowledgeable! that makes them intelligent!

And now I want to talk about "Allegiance".

It is one thing that matters in the process of finding yourself
, when you are reading, you have to have this main thing-allegiance- then only you will be loyal to your habit, to your reading and you wont just leave the book you are reading half way as what Malay's saying "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" :)
People gonna ask you:
whether or not you really love reading or just being pretentious? And if yes- do this habit helps you to be smarter- do you really pick up something from your reading?
Tough leh? :P
Sometimes, being a knowledgeable person, its a huge advantage for you, everytime you are meeting new people(its time to show to them that you are smart doll:) ) and if you get involve into arguments doesn't matter with who, with your boyfriends,girlfriends,bosses,friends,flings or it can be anybody!

And I had a pretty tough argument with my colleague yesterday, but my weakness there is i didn't give my logic explanations so how do I expect people to listen to me and trust me, that I actually didn't do anything wrong and obviously I have tried so hard to do my best in the job that was given to me!

See!! there you got my point right? How intelligence can help you in anything you do!!! Well-I guess, i still need to read more!!!!Maybe I should read a motivational book on how to talk to a nasty person!!!! But its all about your attitude,whether or not you are really a READER?

I think the answer is in deliberately manipulating your sense of allegiances. Somehow you have to separate the allegiances you feel from the allegiances your genes and ideology would otherwise have you form. You must consciously employ feelings of allegiance in the service of rationality and finding truth. I’m not entirely sure what the best way to do this is, but I do know one way.

When you read or listen to any arguments, always do so while treating the arguer as “one of us”, as an in-group member. Do this whether you are inclined to agree with them or not. (You will find you’re more inclined to agree with them.) So, what of the fact that you’ll be likely to give them too much credence, to not be skeptical enough? You seek out opposite viewpoints, and try to arouse the same feelings of allegiance when reading them. When two members of your tribe disagree, and you don’t feel any closer to one than the other, the in-group bias will not be able to tilt your deliberations, and you’ll know you’re that much closer to deciding on the merits of the arguments and nothing else. (Of course, eliminating the in-group bias will still leave you with plenty of others to deal with.)

During the previous ‘year of reading’, ten years- fifteen years ago, teachers, school librarians and friends organised thousands of reading events in schools, including author visits, book festivals and reading clubs. The initiative, however, aims to bring the wonderful world of books not just to schoolchildren but to everyone, from toddlers to grandparents, from avid readers to those who are less enthusiastic. A big part of this is encouraging families to spend time reading together, as my English teacher in primary school pointed out to me one day that to be a good student, you have to be a good reader.

One of the most important things a parent can do to boost the educational chances of their children is to read to them. Simple, yes – but in a busy world it doesn’t happen enough. 30 per cent of parents don’t read regularly with their young children – a vital but missed opportunity to boost their children’s development. We watch an average of four hours’ television a day. If we read to our children for just a tenth of this every day, we’d give their chances a massive boost.

Many of us remember the joy of being read to as a child, but with channels such as Anime, Cartoon Network and Disney dedicated to young children available throughout the day, is the classic ‘bedtime story’ being replaced with half an hour in front of Teletubbies? (and last week Seb told me that there is a good show specially for kids to learn about a lot of things showed in Disney if I am not mistaken)

To all readers: c'mon,lets read! doesn't matter if people say that we are back to school!!! To parents:read to your kids, to lovers: share with each other of what you have read, to friends: do the same thing!

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