Tuesday, May 29, 2007

it's Christmas!!!!

I’m feeling better. Still not 100%, but much better than I have been of late - and my mood’s brightened up, too. :) I can actually sit in one place for a little while without it hurting - yay! Progress! I’ve also mostly recovered from the side-effects of those constipation –cant shit man!!More yay!

As my stomach has been so sore and irritable I’ve pretty much been away from this screen for the last week, but at least it afforded me the chance to get my Christmas cards written and - surprisingly – sent ( for Sweden+ Adam+ Philip and few friends..but for him not yet..dunno wat to write cause I bought a very lovely card la..not sure whether suit him or not..and for my lovely clare..will think something for her afterwards.. and most of S’s Christmas gifts ordered, if not necessarily wrapped and put away. I’ve also enjoyed watching the simpsons, listening to music while doing kardio..watching the crowd with too much expectations!!

I just wrote all this up and my dumbass partner made me lose an hour’s worth of ponderings. Great.

Anyway, I’m - obviously - home again (suite 6,6 th floor,menara choy fook on):P. I feel crap and tired and generally pretty miserable, not least because no-one seems to know precisely what’s wrong with me. Since yesterday I’m facing the tough phase..moody phase..so many things running in my head..he kept asking me last nite what is wrong with me..i said nothing..hungry..tired..sigh..:( My mood clearly hasn’t been lightened now I’ve lost the words that took a effort to type up, and not least because sitting in this chair isn’t all that comfortable for me right now. You’ll have to excuse errors and typos for now, for I simply haven’t the inclination to go through this post all over again and re-read, so bear with me.

I often think that I have strokes of brilliance. In actuality they’re usually more like warm trickles rather than any true displays of genius but, you know, I’m good at pretending.

"Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh!" It's amazing to think that every year we all sing along (if you don't sing it out loud I'm sure you secretly sing it in your head) to a song about riding in a one horse open sleigh! I mean how many of us have actually ever done that? Can't be many. Certainly if they parked a one horse open sleigh in my street it would get stolen quicker than you can say "It's Christmas!" in your best Noddy Holder voice. Still it's a great little sing-a-long that everyone knows. At least that's what I thought... Earlier I was looking at the Wikipedia entry for Jingle Bells and discovered all those verses which I've not read since early school. "Miss Fanny Bright" indeed! I also had no idea that the song was originally called "One Horse Open Sleigh" which is an awful title for any song (though I'd kinda like to hear a prog rock band make some sort of Christmas album with titles like that). I suppose I shouldn't have thought about it so much and just sang it out loud for people. Actually, now that I think about, that's a dare for you. Everyone reading this should sing Jingle Bells RIGHT NOW. GO ON. What are you doing still sitting there?come sing and dance with me..
Of course, I couldn't make an entry about Jingle Bells without mentioning Jingle Bell Rock. A song which appears to be about singing Jingle Bells (ok so it's not really but I thought that it was nice thought.) It's a great little number which, along with Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree, always seems to give you that Christmas party vibe. Mix them up with Christmas In Hollis and you're in for a treat!

And right now, I have a compilation of Christmas songs given by my Mr. Sebastian..:D..really appreciate that B..

Christmas..hmmm..Elaine asked me during lunch today..Do u go church?i said NO..i am a muslim..then she asked me what is Christmas? I said dunno..then she said then y do u said that you celebrate Christmas if you dun go to church and dunno wat is christmas..

I think she got the wrong concept..my main concern about christmas is the joy you have on the christmas day or on the eve especially if you celebrate it with your loved ones..for me,I’ve been celebrating christmas since small..all I know is its CHRISTMAS!! ppl will give someone something on Christmas..its just christmas for me..aw….i love christmas so much..i love when its snowing..i love the moment when everybody receives something from their loved ones..i love when the christmas songs are played everywhere..i just love it so much!!

To all of you..i wish you merry christmas and have a very happy new year..may God bless you no matter wat religion you hold on..

I love all of you!!!!

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