Tuesday, May 29, 2007

it helped!

i cant sleep last night..somebody asked me to relax.

but i cant!

then i decided to get some fresh air.i walked out....want to know more?read this:

"once upon a time there was this girl.she had many problems sleeping once in a while.often one would catch her dozing off cosily on bed or,anywhere as a matter of fact.

but there was this night where she couldnt sleep.

she crept out of her bed and into the midnight sky she stared into.empty and dark,without a single drop of any star.

hoping that she'd see a shooting star, she stared blankly into the dark empty sky in the cool breeze of the midnight hue.as chilly as it was she never felt cold , for she had a heart of gold deep inside of her keeping her warm,fuzzy. after some empty thoughts she had returned to her much awaited slumber in bed as she receives this smsand blanks her mind to sleep"

p/s: it really helped.heee..i fell asleep right after i received your sms..thank you..its so sweet of you...

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