Thursday, January 28, 2016

Empowered and Empowering

I swear, sometimes too many good things happening at once can mess your head up. Especially when you are the queen of OCD and a control freak. Don't be like me. Learn (hard) to trust others. I am learning to let go a lot lately. But I ended up thinking about them and not sleep at night. Sigh.
Things are crazy. So many things to do and so little time leads to frustrating moments. And there is this neverending lack of sleep issue. Two years soon since I last had a good uninterrupted sleep (Sophie is turning 2  next month and she has been quite handful lately. I'd save this for another time though), physically unwell, and bad energy all around. But the thought of the children and the team watching my every act forced me to look composed. A bit hypocrite there.)
Anyway, we all go through tough times. We go through hardships of every kind. And there are times I feel like giving up. Feeling discouraged and loosing my cool. And then I come across some very inspiring and empowering posts in my timeline by a few empowered women I have the privilege to know. And suddenly I'm all positive again. True Story.
You see, that's the power of empowerment. You are empowered by another person, and you take the opportunity to empower another person. It is an ongoing process. Creating an environment that empowers has been shown to not only increase productivity in life and at work, but also improve our morale. Which can only lead to positive things.
So here's the plan. Do something empowering today. And spread the energy. Be infectious!

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