Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I have been very busy with work and family, it is so fun! I am an adrenaline junkie and as I type this blog post, I am actually high. Literally. I have been having flu and cough so I down'd 10ml cough mixture. Was actually suppose to take a short nap before Sophie comes home from playschool but I have all these crazy ideas in my head - so I cannot sleep! Sigh.

Anyway, time does fly so fast. It has been nearly a year since I left the agency life. Crazy! Spent a few months doing some advertising jobs and a few months developing iOli Malaysia.

And I have a good news to share with you girls.


I now have my own PR Agency! It really is just a small team of 5. But a very efficient one! This actually happened so accidentally. One day, I was offered a project, the next day the company was registered and a few days after I hired my first consultant. And then the rest of the team joined in. Crazy!

We just finished our first big job together as a team and it was really fascinating to see so many ambitious women out there.

With the person who opened up so many opportunities for me. A real gem. One of the most empowering yet crazy female discruptors in the Malaysia entrepreneurship ecosystem, Puan Nadira Yusoff

 1AES 2015 Crews

My sidekick at 1AES 2015 Dinner Appreciation last night

You see, I left the agency because I am now a mother of two. I wrote here before on how stressful my life was upon going back to work after my maternity leave. It was the time-commitment really. The idea of punching in at 8am and I CANNOT, I MUST NOT leave the office until the job is done. What?! The workload is never going to end in this industry. And we have other commitments too. Remember that tiny human being I gave birth to 3 months ago? I knew how life at an agency is like. But I guess I needed that flexibility so badly at that time of my career. I mean, after 11 years slaving away in this industry.

I have a very big mouth and I am very loud. I will be heard. You would know me by now.

So I left.

The initial reason of me forming my own team was only because I wanted to continue practising. I was no longer with an agency. If I joined another agency, it would still be the same. I thought of other jobs - receptionist, admin, sales...But, no I didn't want all that. I still wanted to do PR. But how?

So I thought - why not I just do it on my own? So I started sharing with my close circle that I was freelancing and I was available for any small jobs. And bam, the first job came into my hand. Law of attraction, gals. And passion of course. That was my secret, my close friends would know this. I think they might get tired of me talking about this all the time haha.

My team now is comprised of female PR Practitioners who needed to step out from their career to look after their family. These are talented women who had to quit their jobs because they couldn't commit to the 8am -10pm fixed-working hours. Sigh. Such a waste of great talents.

With iOli PR, they just need to makesure they get the job done. They can be at wherever, with whoever they want to - for as long as I get that press release as promised. Flexibility. We are expanding and are looking for freelancers (must be able to write) so please pass the word around, we never know, we might end up working together.

Until the next post. God knows when. Meanwhile here are some of the memories from the last few months :)

Launched iOli Malaysia

 Collaborated with Shereena for iOli Malaysia. A kind and beautiful soul.

 Invited to the Philippines Embassy Christmas Open House (pictures here with HE J.Eduardo Malaya the Ambassador of Philippines to Malaysia and Anna Karina Jardin, a volunteer for a refugee CSR I am currently working on)

At Lean In Summit. Women Empowerment - an Agenda which is very close to my heart

At Drinkentrepreneurs 2nd Anniversary Party

Edited a book (one of my bucket list is checked)

Had the honour to help branding my friend cum client - Yati Savy

Love and Light,

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