Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy New Year, everyone (in advance)!

2015 is going to end in a week's time and 2016 is gearing itself. I could feel all the wonderful things waiting to hit us. 

So what's ahead of us? What should we put in the flashy new planner we just got for ourself?
I was looking into the old posts achieve, I realised that I have been writing for ten good years. When I started writing, it was merely due to depression and I needed a place to cry on. The old posts were childish, sometimes full with anger and direction-less. But all of them represented the flip side of the Content, Joyful (and possibly Cynical to one extend) Yan Lim you see today. 

One of the posts jumped out at me. This post is about the process of constantly failing and reinventing myself, of always changing the game plan and taking risks without knowing what will happen.

I wrote that post in 2007. At that time, the future was dreary, filled with huge uncertainty. 8 years later, I see it differently.

Uncertainty is the essence of life and it fuels opportunities. To be honest, there are still days when I don't know which path to take and overwhelmed by the choices unfolding in front of me. But I now know that uncertainty is the fire the sparks innovation and the engine that drives us forward.

I once felt like I should delete those old posts when I migrated to my own domain but I decided to leave them be. Hopefully, the stories underline the idea that limitless possibilities result from expressing ourselves from comfort zone, being willing to fail, having a healthy indifference for the impossible, and seizing every opportunity to be successful.

Yes, those action inject chaos into our lives and keep us off-balance. But they also take us places we could never have imagined. And provide a lens through which to see problems as opportunities.

Those stories are poignant reminder of who I was, how did I get here and who was there along the journey. Many years later - still the same dreamer but an upgrade version of me. I see only good things coming my way in 2016. I hope it is the same for everyone. Still uncertain but definitely more convinced. 

Praise God - the Almighty. Happy New Year, everyone.

Love and Light,
Yan and Family.

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