Tuesday, August 18, 2015

DrinkEntrepreneurs KL

If you are a big on networking events, you would love DrinkEntrepreneurs. It is a laid back monthly event where entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs come together to meet and have a great time.

Yes - great time. Trust me when I say you will get plenty of 'great times' when you attend one of their gatherings. I myself a frequent goer. I have been attending their events for at least four times and boy, I met so many amazing people and it has helped me in my work demand.

DrinkEntrepreneurs was initially launched for fun in Paris, DrinkEntrepreneurs is going global, with events organized in 30 cities such as Shanghai, London, San Francisco, Buenos Aires ... and now Kuala Lumpur! 

Once a month, DrinkEntrepreneurs offers a relaxed environment for driven and motivated entrepreneurs, their friends and entrepreneurship aficionados to get together, share good conversations and inspire one another!

DrinkEntrepreneurs is co-created by you, me and all the people that make every event different and special. You'll be there to laugh and learn, to socialize and network. So far, the events have motivated a greatly diverse group of amazing individuals to become regulars and ambassadors of DrinkEntrepreneurs and connected hundreds of people in meaningful ways. DrinkEntrepreneurs is not just an event - it's a movement that is slowly but steadily becoming a key connector in local entrepreneurship scenes. 

You get free drinks (at limited time) and you get to meet people who might be able to help you sometime someday in your life. Best of all, you get to make friends with some of the top notch people in your industry.

For more info, please visit their Facebook page.

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A dear friend I met during the last event at Club Twenty One - William of EmShack Studio. He is based in Penang but you can just give him a call and he will be wherever you need him to be. Check out his Project 100 Paper Planes on his Facebook page.

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