Thursday, June 11, 2015

My travel journey: New Zealand

Why do we travel? A question perhaps as old as humanity itself, and with numerous answers: To discover the world and experience things outside our normal lives. To get to know ourselves again in a foreign environment and to enjoy the freedom of being on the move.

Exactly three years ago, our journey took us to the serene and beautiful island country that's called New Zealand. The calm and peaceful city was so appealing, we fell in love. The journey brought us a zest for life, passion and pure inspiration.

We were in New Zealand for about a week. The first few days were spent in Auckland. A lot of our time was spent enjoying each other's company; drinking wine, watching the local TVCs (whilst studying the local advertising culture), strolling down the empty streets of Auckland at night and shopping! Haha. What's new? We were there during the end of winter so there were so many clearance sales, it was crazy not to shop! The weather was perfect - not too cold and definitely not hot. So it was a good change, a change we needed - away from the humidity back home.

And we also had the chance to explore the city quite a bit. We visited some funky shops, cafes and restored shopping arcades lined up along the Karangahape Road on the first day. On the second day, we visited Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium and Auckland Art Gallery. On the third day, we went to the harbour where we saw a lot of beautiful yachts. On the fourth day, we rented a car and drove down to Matamata. The journey was about 2 hours drive. We wanted to take Isaac to Hobitton Movie Setwhere they filmed The Lord of The Rings and Hobbit. A must see if you are a fan. The place was simply gorgeous. The scenery was spectacular.

The next few days were spent mainly to eat all different type of steaks - lunches & dinners haha. The beef there was oh so yummy and fresh! Our favourite was The Angus Steak House.

Hubby also took me to a strip club hahahaha #dontjudge. I am Thai, so this type of place is not really alien to me but it was kinda refreshing to go to one other than Thai strip clubs lol.

So yeah, Auckland was really not as boring as how some people pictured it to us. Without a doubt, you will need to do your research of the place you are visiting, before visiting. For me, it is crucial to truly understand the city and the country; the customs, traditions, social and if you are there for business - business etiquette, to make sure you are able to enjoy the trip.

There is one more reason why we travel: To experience the true relationship in its purest form. Because along the way, we can forge close relationship in the shortest of times. Nothing else brings us closer. And nothing else creates so many shared memories. “Do you remember that time in Hobbiton?”

I read somewhere that you should only marry that person after you have traveled with him or her. So true! My husband is by far the best travel companion that I can ask for. He is so resourceful and very accommodative. And the best part about our relationship is, we know exactly what each other wants. No questions asked, no words spoken, and yet we understand each other so well. This is the type of travel companion that you ought to have. Especially when you are in a foreign land.

Ah, I miss exploring foreign lands.

It used to be simpler back then. And more affordable. Going for a good family vacation abroad now means more money needed. 4 flight tickets instead of 2 and half.  A proper apartment or hotel instead of just a clean-safe-inn. And then, there’s traveling duration factor. 

So let me work hard and save all the penny I can and I will see you somewhere out there!

Anyway, here are some of the pictures from our trip.

At Matamata for a day trip

In one of the hobbit's houses at Hobbiton

At one of the parks. The grass was so greeeeeen

The weather was always perfect for a stroll during our stay there

Isaac was getting a little freezing - at a train station

The street of Auckland at night. Like a ghost town. The city was pretty much dead after 8pm - the malls were closed, the bars were empty and the streets were clear. According to some of the locals whom we made friends with, the typical Kiwis are very much the homely type. They start work at 9am, finish at 6pm, prolly go for a glass of beer and home they go to be with the family. I even heard that their public schools start their first lessons later than Malaysia's schools - just to time the going-out-from-home close to parents' working hours

At Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium

At Angus Steak House

 We chose our own beef and salad for them to prepare for us. It was a fun process

 The harbour - all that beautiful yachts hmmm #dream #retirementgoal

Outside the strip club. Hubs had to tip some of the showgirls. They practically forced us to


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