Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Life post Sophie Olivia

We haven't been able to do things we used to do BS (before Sophie). We haven't been going out for late night suppers, movies, karaokes, steamboats and a lot other things. It required a lot of patience, discipline and negotiations with Isaac but I think we did pretty well. So recently, we decided to slowly introduce her to our life BS lol.

We started to do a bit more traveling. And goddamn, it has been soooo much fun! 

Last month, we were at Rembau for a friend's daughter's akikah and hubs decided to just drive down to Malacca and spend a night. 

 The usual walk at Jonker Street. It was a lil too hot for Sophie though so we needed to cut it short and we came back at night for Pasar Malam but then it was too crowded to walk pulak -_-

The famous Klebang Coconut Shake. I wasn't really pleased. It was just okay. I felt like the coconut was too old and hard. Hubs said, it was really good. So maybe its just me. 

Durian cendol. Pheww, to die for I tell you. Sooooo good!

And during the long weekend of Labor Day, we went for our first proper family holiday at Langkawi. The beach was so beautiful. We had a perfect holiday despite some crazy hiccups (will save it for another post, if I have the time that is).

 Sunset at Chenang Beach.

We were a bit worried for Sophie as this was her first time at the beach. This girl sweats a lot and when she does, she gets irritated and cry. But thank the heaven, she had a blast at the beach. We were there for 3 days and she didn't show any discomfort at all. Such a darling!

This was my second time in Langkawi. The first time I came here was, when I was in elementary school, with my family. And I honestly didn't have high hope when hubs chose Langkawi for our family holiday. Well, I am not really a fan of our local beaches, mainly because of all the restrictions set by the locals. It is such a turn off, despite crazy beautiful beaches we have. So I have set my mind to just try to enjoy spending time with my family and don't expect it to be like our other beach holidays. But boy, wrong I was. We had so much fun. The locals were surprisingly so welcoming and I honestly didn't feed judged at all. The beaches were beautiful and clean. The sky was blue. And the food was so delicious and cheap!

Last week, we went back to visit my grandmother. As usual, going back to Kelantan means, food galore! Managed to eat almost everything I craved for - nasi kerabu, nasi berlauk, nasi kapit, pengat pisang, local kuehs.

Pengat Pisang by my aunt.

Apart from food, the only other thing I can vouch for is that Kelantan is probably the hottest state in Malaysia. It was crazy hot, we needed to put Sophie in the freezer to cool down hehe. I swear those people living there are crazy tough to survive the days without aircond and all.

And this week, we are going to Janda Baik for my high school reunion. Cannot wait to meet my friends. It has been so many years since I last met some of them.

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