Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It seems like I have done something terrible last year (or in my past lives).

Last week, I passed out at office and caused a bit of commotion. Been hospitalised for 2 days. Insurance declined to cover the bills, had to pay on our own. And my 'new' car has been giving some problems, here and there. In and out of workshop. That and this. And that.

Well, but that doesn't mean I have stopped smiling - at all. Which probably means I also did something really good last year, or in my past lives. Gratitude, that keeps me grounded.

Rintangan. Obstacles. Hiccups. Problems. Whatever you prefer to say it, someone told me that these are just a way to learn something. A way to evolve. A way to be a better person. And don't you agree if I say that it is just a reason to cry? Humans NEED to cry, don't we?

P.s My apology to that someone whom somebody close to me has hurt. I'm sure he had his reason, and I'm really hoping it is a good one. However, whether or not he did, it wasn't supposed to be handled that way, I know. So, I'm sorry. Drop by for tea, one of these days? :)


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