Friday, August 6, 2010

Damn, I love my work more than my skin!

At spa for my (twice a month) ritual facial. Skin condition is getting worst. According to my beautician, no money can do my skin wonders if I don't cut off the late nights, booze and cigarettes. Now - how do I do that?

Late nights are either due to work or due to parties which are (compulsively) needed to de-stress (that is caused by work).

Booze is needed to also de-stress (that is too - caused by work).

Cigarettes are also needed to de-stress (that is also caused by work).

Damn you, work! You, yes you caused all these! But you already knew I still love YOU!

Later :)
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  1. Ms Juicy Bunny is very good at this blame game :-D

  2. KC: I am really good. Hahaha how are you doing? My office is tracking internet usage so I dont open my blog at office anymore thats why I cant be writing much and cant reply comment often either - dont want the IT people to find my blog and report to my bosses that I bitch about them here lol


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