Friday, July 23, 2010

Farewell, adieu my darling

Life has been uber hectic. I finally got my car last week. And this time it's a him. Will figure out a name for 'him' but for now, let's just refer to him as 'my new baby'. So far so good. Still getting to know 'my new baby' better.

Did I tell you the reason why I got the new car? Hubby got a new job so we'll need 2 cars due to different workplaces and working hours. Today is his last day at this company and last night we threw him a farewell party. It was such a joyous and meaningful farewell I've even thrown or attended. Everybody had fun, gladly.

I'm gonna miss him at work. We all here gonna miss him actually. But this is the best for him. Trust my heart, he will grow so big out there.

Apart from that, work has been hectic. We are expanding our international market aggressively. So the 'slowly but surely' answer I used to give people when they ask about our company's growth during any functions will definitely has to change to 'aggressively but surely'. LOL.

At times, I feel like I wanna scream to everybody that comes near me when the workload is piling up. As much as it is sucking my life out of me, I can't deny how much in love I am with my job. Psychotic. but I do think that company should get another staff to work with me. At least enough for him/her to learn before I leave because I don't have the heart to leave Mr. Boss without a capable person to take over my work (opss, let's reserve that for the next time ;)).

Until then, much love from me!
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