Monday, April 19, 2010

It's going to be May soon

Been really busy and demotivated lately. Hence no updates.

Work - Has been very stressful. Suddenly I feel like there are too many rooms to improve. It seems like I have been really bad at work. For a moment, I felt really stupid. I hate when I need to rush to do things without passion. It feels terrible.

Isaac - He was down with fever on Saturday and Sunday. He was alright on Saturday morning. We went to One Utama to get him track pants because we planned to hike Broga Hill on Sunday morning to watch sunrise. He has been waiting for it excitedly. All of us did, actually. While shopping, he started to shiver and his temperature went up, very high. Hubby and I were very worried and straight away left for home. Luckily, his temperature went down after some doses of medications. But we cancelled the plan to hike Broga Hill as he needed to rest

He was also shortlisted for some TVC castings. It went well but we are yet to receive any good news whether he is selected or not. However it'll be, we are very proud of him.

Home - We revamped our bedroom. Was itchy to change the drawers and cabinets. Pretty happy with the outcome. Want to do more but no more money to spend haha.

Write more soon. Need to do some report on cash flow. Later.

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