Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life as of late

Had dinner with Sharm and Tava last night at WIP. It was good to catch up with girlfriends. Had two glasses of Chardonnay, again :)

Today is Earth Day Open Day at Isaac's school and they have a lot of cool stalls selling plants, vegetables, fruits, magazines, newspaper, decorations and some other misc items. It felt great to be there. I was amused by the cute kids. They are just too cute. Isaac's stall sells food, he made us buy cheese + salad bun, muesli, jelly, cup cake & cookies. Such a pushy tauke lol. It's actually very good to expose them to what the outside life would be - it felt surreal there. The selling and buying, the calling 'Come buy buy, fresh vege for good price', the money collection. The kids are just very lucky. It was a good experience for them, and for our boy :)

And lately, I learnt something new about pain. I learnt that in order to get through the pain, you need to face it. You need to let yourself be in it. You need to embrace it. And believe me, the pain wouldn't be as painful as it is when you keep trying to avoid it. Later.

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