Friday, March 26, 2010


Hello, sweets!

First of all, what do you think of my new header? It's actually a 18SX candid picture taken by hubby many months ago lol. I thought it was sweet so I saved it in my hard disc and when I was doing spring cleaning few days ago, I found it, edited (cropped the not-supposed-to-be-seen-part + adjusted the brightness, contras & saturation) and tadaa, a sweet looking header for this blog. I am so clever ;)

Anyway, I have been experiencing different type of people everyday throughout my journey working for a local ambitious company which caters mostly for Malays.

And out of all kinds of people that exist in this universe, three kinds of them interest me most.

The first kind - When confronted with a situation, can determine what needs to be done, comes up with a way of doing it, and gets it done.

The second kind - In the same situation, is shown what needs to be done, can intelligently follow instructions, and gets it done.

The third kind- When confronted with a situation is shown what needs to be done and also how it can be done, only then they can do the job

Which kind of person are you? Are you the 'take-charge' person who can, when faced with a situation, decide what needs to be done, find a way to do it, and get the job done?

Leaders are made, not born. Some of us are trained in our own different ways to manage a situation and find ways to make it work. Many just cant find a way, they have to be shown how to do it. That explains why leaders are special people, and highly paid for their skills.

Every one of us is different. And every leadership situation is different. Every task is different as well, what works for one person ina situation, might not work for the others. However, certain principle employed by the great leaders in history can help us to become more effective leaders. While we go onwith the building of our career, we mustn't forget that one of the important ingredients is to know the people we are dealing with.

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