Thursday, March 18, 2010


I wrote this post on Tuesday March 16, but didn't manage to publish it due to internet connection failure.

Today, I have been running up and down to get things done. Boss is flying to Dhaka tonight. So we are literally rushing for as many things as possible to be settled.

I just received message from my sister that my 2nd paternal grandmother has passed away (my biological dad's aunt who was like a mum to him and a grandma to us). I was never close to this family but as a human, I am tearing inside.

I do not know what to do. Should I tell my boss that 'despite his flight to Dhaka in few hours and all these pending things for me to do', can I leave office now so that I can think straight whether or not I should fly to Kelantan for the funeral?

I need to go now. Boss is calling.

Edited on March 18, 2010: I decided not to fly down. Because I am needed at work and because I am going to Kelantan for a presentation next week so I will just pay them a visit while I am there.


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