Monday, November 23, 2009

How to be a charmer like me

"You are so positive. So positive, it makes cynical people like me annoyed"

I get that a lot. When I talk positively to people, they wonder why am I so positive. And I wonder why does it bother them.

"How did you do that? You charmed him the minute you started talking to him!"

This. I get a lot too. Apparently, I am a charmer. I have been told that I have a good personality which is an optimum key to getting things done. At work. Not on bed.

I am not going to leave you half way, but will share with you ways to get a better personality through attitude and self-image, which is my ultimate way of life.

Here are ways, proven ways, techniques or steps that you can almost put to immediate use, to help you to become (a charmer) a better person.

Step One: Participate Positively
First we need to understand that attitude has its own infections way of influencing others to act in accordance with your way of thinking. In our pursuit of upgrading our attitude to a healthier one, we must participate positively in all the company's functions & activities, which include small and big events. There are many people who feel that they are not involved in certain events or activities, so they tend to take a step backward and watch from the back stage. Worse, there are people who think that only big functions can bring them to somewhere on the top.

One important area of attitudinal development is to be more involved in all functions, because when your superiors, your coordinates or your staffs witness your enthusiasm in participating positively in all functions, they will learn, they will follow and most of all they will lead others as well.

Step Two: Take The Front Seat
There is a big difference between a winner and a loser. The winner takes the front seat, while the loser ends up taking the back row, more often, more of them end up having no seat at all. Try to take the front seat at your company's functions. Try to be a good supporter to your team leader.

Step Three: Put On A Broad Smile
Like the saying goes; You smile because you are happy. Show others you are really happy when you meet them. Look around the next time you go to any event or function, you will notice many others who wear a frown on their faces. Frowning makes other feel unwanted, unwelcome and most of all frowning makes you dull. So, put on a broad smile every minute of you waking hour. People might think that you are flirting, screw them.

Step Four: Dress Up, Make Up and Move Up
There is a magic in dressing up. All over the world, men and women spend so much effort and money in dressing themselves up, so that they look good and feel great. I do that too. When you have this great feeling, you automatically act enthusiastically in almost everything that comes your way. Hence I urge you to dress up, make up and you will move up.

Step Five: Whisper I love You
One of the greatest lessons I have privilege in learning through my working experiences and bad decisions is working with my current company. One of the lessons, is to whisper I love You to whoever comes our way. "It is hard not to think well of a person when you whispered I love you, in your heart when you meet him or her." Your self-image will affectionately influence your attitude to act accordingly.

Step Six: Be Well Equipped
From the beginning, I have been told that there are three things we need to know about corporate world. First you need to know how to sell, then you must know how to receive then you must train others to sell and receive. Be well equipped with your knowledge, so that you are well prepared when people give you objections. Sell means a lot of things. That includes, to sell yourself well. Let people know your value. Be well equipped with the art to sell effectively. When you can sell well, when you approach people effectively, then you will enjoy working. Which will give you more reasons to wake up early in the morning to go to work. Because you know, that it will be a good day for you. Learn how to receive too. Because you know, you are worth it.

The above six steps will be your starting points (to be a charmer, like me) in attitudinal development and ensuring a stronger self-image. However, I must warn you that in your effort in your new growth, you need to discipline yourself to stay away from the negative people, and talk (ONLY) about positive things in life. Believe me, stay away from negative people. They are bad. Really bad.

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