Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When the stilettos are off!

Last Friday night, mum called up to offer to take care of Isaac over the weekend. How lovely!

So Honey and I thought of going out to listen to some Jazz music, an interest that we have in common :)

And since Sam is in town, I gave her a call to join us. We met up with the lovely Sam, the boyfriend, Francis and Francis's gorgeous sister, Theresa who dropped by towards the end of the night. She just got back from work. Oh yeah, she is a hot air crew *grin* :)

We initially planned for a good jazz session at Top Hat but never knew that they have shifted and changed their concept. No more life jazz band playing unless specially requested and paid for :(

So we headed to Heritage Row. Ended up at Upstairs and then shifted to Cynna :)

It was a coincidence that everybody wore coats, except me. I wore my lovely long cardigan. That explains how related are we *smile*. We had such a great time. And it was not a secret for everybody in Cynna bar that night, that we were the ones who heated the dance floor up *lol*

Took my stilettos off after hours of dancing and continued dancing wildly.

Sam and Francis, thanks for the wonderful night. And Theresa, nice to meet you. The next time, we should sit down and catch up longer than that night *smile*.

Looking forward for the next session :)

Til the next time lovelies. We took off at almost 3am. Gotta work the next day :(


  1. Hi Yan

    You called us out at the right time. Hope you and Sebastian had enough rest. The pictures reflected just how well the night went :) Thanks for thinking of us hehe though I know you both had plans.

  2. Hey Sam sweets,

    No worries. We had so much fun. It was better to have you all around that night :)


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