Monday, May 18, 2009

I tried not to spend (on pants) again but I failed

Me: Hello, baby.
Him: Hello, hunny.
Me: Are you busy?
Him: What do you want to buy now?
Me: What??!!! I just wanna speak to you lah! Don't la talk like that!
Him: I know you. C'mon, what do you want to buy now.
Me: I need RM300 to pay for the pants.

Happy Monday darlings ;)


  1. RM 300? That must've costed a pair of fine pants Yan :) Office wear?

  2. Hey Sam. Yea, nowadays I have this weird fetish in working pants. Spent too much already for them but still aiming for more. Maybe because I got bored with my old ones. It's been two years since I last bought my last working pants anyway :)

  3. so you finally got it, babes? i saw the dior sunglasses that you wanted. it's just okay, not that gorgeous so i think you shouldnt regret not getting it :)


  4. Tash, I finally got them. HAHAHA. I know this is kinda too much. But I swear I will stop buying pants. We are planning for Bali so must save money or else I can only have holiday with my closet lol

    And the Dior, it is so gorgeous babessss. I still eyeing for it but then I would choose Bali over that haha


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