Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I love you, Isaac

Dear Isaac,

I have so many things to write about which covers my hectic working schedule, my beautiful love life with Daddy, about you in particular and so many other things. But that can only be done if I manage to sit in front of laptop and focus on writing without the itch to start clicking on facebook and kaypoh about my friends life
*sighing out loud haihhhhhhh*

Oh by the way, facebook is this social networking page that helps Mummy to keep in touch with my friends and also a place to show off your adorable pictures to everybody. It is very in, you know.

Lil Isaac,

You are now enjoying your school. Everyday, once we picked you up. You will say "Mummy Daddy, it was so fun at school today. I........".

Your vocabulary has improved a lot. Your new favorite line is "
I think the aircond is spoiled, there was weird sound, I think....., I think...."

You have turned into this polite boy. You ask for permission before you start doing anything. That includes sleeping in the car.

This morning while sending you to school, the thoughts came across my mind; You are very attached to Mummy and Daddy that you refused to join your friends at the backyard until you waved at us until we disappeared from your view. Daddy said that you wanted to make sure that Mummy and Daddy go to work.

You are one interesting kid, kiddo. Other kids your age will jump happily when their mummies and daddies left to work or anywhere. They want to spend minimum time with their mummies and daddies because they earn their freedom without their mummies and daddies' presence. But not you. You are always so attached to us. Even when you have so many play dates around running and jumping happily. You still come to either Mummy or Daddy to keep informing us that you want to join that boy in red shirt to play with other naughty kids. You always do that.

Now that you are enjoying school, I am afraid that I will not see a whole lot of you anymore soon. I am afraid that one day, you'll leave home early in the morning and just come back to shower and change before you go out again. I know, I will be able to see you at night but I am afraid that won't be enough. I will surely miss you. Now, I already miss you, but I know we have our own things to take care of. You need to catch up with your school and Mummy and Daddy need to earn money.

You've got to grow up and out and that's more important than clipping coupons, arranging stocks or selling pens at restaurants. You've got to learn what you are able to do and what aren't - and you've got to learn how to deal with that. You've got to learn about people and how they behave when they don't feel good about themselves - like Uncle Adam when he feels threaten by how well others treat you and then start bullying you. Yeah, you'll even have to learn how to pretend that name-calling doesn't hurt. It will always hurt, but you will have to put up a front or they will call you worse names next time. I only hope you remember how it feels - in case you ever decide to rank a kid who is smaller than you.

Daddy and Mummy are so proud of you that no words can help us to describe. The other day, while having dinner at your favorite Thai restaurant, there were this father and son passing by and holding hands. Daddy said to Mummy "I don't want the day to arrive when Boy will tell me not to hold his hands just because he is embarrassed in front of his friends". I know, that day will come. But for the record, in case you read this, can you please hold Mummy's and Daddy's hands as long as you can? That will really make our day, son.

However, it would be great if you can hold mine longer. If you notice, Mummy keeps sulking with you because Mummy thinks that you are more attached to Daddy. But Daddy said it's rubbish. Hmmm.

Last night, when Daddy was busy fixing the fuse that caused the black out, you hugged me so tight that I could smell your sweat. That was priceless. I wish that Daddy took longer time to fix the fuse so that you will be in my arms for a longer period.

You started to ask if you can go to Daddy the minute you heard the sound of keys outside. I wanted to savor the moment and you have already held Daddy's hands tightly to get to follow him outside.

I just wanted to say "I love you, son..."

P.S Mummy will buy you (more) Mentos if you promise to choose Mummy over your-fun-Daddy. I know I am not that fun but Daddy cheated. He has more strength to
layan your funny playing habits. But not me. Unless you don't mind to follow me into the kitchen?


  1. you write so well babes. talk to you soon ey xx

  2. Babes, thanks. I so miss you. Talk to you soon yea. Please buzz me just in case I am busy xx

  3. You must be the... semi-strict one towards Isaac and Sebastian, the opposite? I know that I'm bound to be the very stern one as a parent. At the same time noo my kids won't listen to me LOL but their dad instead. Francis said if we do get married and have kids, I'd have to quit my job to watch the kids grow. No maids etc. You're so lucky to have your mom and in-laws taking care of Isaac when you're occupied. The love of both of you for Isaac will make him complete and unafraid of the world :)

  4. Sam, I am the soft one. Daddy is the strict one. But instead, he is closer to Daddy. Maybe because Daddy plays with him a lot. His playing habit is very aggressive. Ah he is a BOY lol. And Daddy showers him because they are male. We just started to teach him about gender difference so I stopped showering him. I used to think that when I finally have kids, I will become a stay home mummy but now I am enjoying both worlds. Motherhood and working woman. Thus, we are hiring a maid asap. My mum is migrating to Germany soon and my in-laws cant be taking care of him. I was told by my boss to join them in more events. and I gotta catch up with my social life as well. So maid is a solution for now. Isaac is at school the whole days anyway. We just need maid just in case we have events at night or weekends and we wont have to disturb my mum anymore :)

    I pray that with enough love from us, he will become a very fine man :)

  5. Eve,

    Thank you for the wonderful words :)

  6. Hey gal, I haven't been ehre for a while. Been busy studying... got to pass that exam!! :)

    I love this entry to your son. You can print them out n pass them to him one day. I'm sure he'll be really happy. He's such a sweet boy and he'll grow up to be a great man too.

  7. Hey Jenny,

    So how was your exam? You have been quiet for quite a while :)

    Yea, I do that. Seb and I write letters to him when we have time or during special occasions since he was 1yo. And the letters will be printed out and kept in envelopes in a big box. He knows that he has letters from us, just that he doesnt know how to read yet. Thanks Jenny. I pray hard that he will grow up to become a very fine man like his daddy :)


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