Tuesday, May 5, 2009

....I am contemplating

MIL invites us for some dinner party at her sister's house this Saturday night. Which we cant bring Isaac along.

I really want to go. But who's going to take care of him? This has always been our issue. There are few occasions that we cant bring him along (because of few reasons that only parents understand) therefore we always have to pass the invitations :(

Who can we trust to babysit him for a while?

*scratching head*

....I am contemplating. Should we get a maid? I feel like wasting money since we dont need a maid unless during times like this :S



  1. MIL says so :(

    Long story oh.

  2. We dont have babysitter :(

    He stays at Day Care after school on normal working days. They dont open on Saturdays and Sundays. Last time, he stayed with his grandmother (my god mum) when we worked on alternate Saturdays and when we needed to have quiet times. But now she cant take care of him anymore.

    We are planning to look for another part time babysitter now.

    For our working Saturdays and also for occasions like this.

  3. Friends? Seb's folks? Neighbours? Or put him in IKEA's playground ;)

    Just kidding about the last one ya.

  4. Hey Eve,

    Yea we managed to get my friend to babysit Isaac this weekend. My friend will be babysitting him for few hours since she is not jobless haha :)

    We dont know our neighbors yet. Just moved in here :(

    I did think about putting him at Ikea playground though :P


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