Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Letter to our precious son

Dear my precious Isaac,

We have sent you to your new school this morning. We woke up early, daddy helped you to shower, and then daddy prepared breakfast for you while Mummy getting ready. You were all excited when we mentioned that you are going to a new school, you put on the clothes on your own and had your breakfast while watching TV. We left home at about 7.45 am. Stuck in major traffic jam, arrived school 15 minutes late.

There at your new school, you suddenly realised that it was real that you started crying. You did try not to cry (Mummy knows that, baby) because Daddy said you are a boy and only girl can cry but you still burst into tears.

Dear Isaac,

All we want to do is to bring you up to be a confident, responsible, independent, fun loving, compassionate, caring, creative and imaginative child. Mummy and daddy are totally devoted to provide you everything that you need. This new school will provide you a strong foundation before you start your primary school another 1 and half years.

Please enjoy your day time at school. Explore, discover and learn anything you can. You will make soooOOoo many friends that you will look forward to come to school everyday.

It was never easy for Mummy and daddy to leave you at kindie or day care or even at Grandma's house when we need to go to work but we do what we have to do, my darling baby.

Mummy felt a little reluctant to leave you there to come to work today but seeing that your new friends were kind enough to guide you into the group, it was easier for us (to run quickly to car before you realise that).

Take care, my precious. Mummy and daddy will see you after work.

Lots lots of love,
Mummy (who is very pretty).

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