Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Isaac made me two beautiful cards for Mother's Day.

I could not help not to cry *happiness*

This is my fifth time celebrating Mother's Day, for real! I never celebrated with my mum.

He knows me very well that he made me two adorable cards;

1. Rabbit / Bunny Card

2. Floral Dress Card


  1. When are you planning lil' Yan junior's arrival? hehe in conjunction with the celebration itself I had to ask.

  2. My mom kept some of my home made cards more than a decade ago. My drawing was CRAP! =p

    Mish you too Yan. Mwuaaah~

  3. Oh Sam. Now that you commented for the second time, I realised that I havent replied you yet. Been busy bee ;)

    Lil Yan Junior is not so soon. but cant really say also. Lately, I have been really busy that I am not sure if it's wise to plan for the second one now. But same time, we want :D

    Ah Sam, kid's home made cards are everything a mum would want to have on Mother's Day! Really. I now feel that :) It will never look ugly or crap. It's just adorable and cute :)

    Miss you <3

  4. Mish you too *heart* Don't know when I'm coming down to KL. Dad did ask me earlier if I wanna drop by to see my own mom. Will let you know if it's confirmed yea? ;)

  5. Sure Sam. Let me know. I want to cook for you :D


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