Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Precious

My loving sister has finally given birth to a loud, precious and gorgeous baby girl at 11:10pm last night at Ampang Hospital. We waited for her to give birth until got chased off by security guard. It's hospital's policy not to allow visitors after visiting hours :(

She gave birth when we already got home so we will wait until off work to go and shower the baby girl with kisses and of course to snap hundreds of pictures ;)

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of Isaac and my brother Avele Adam;


  1. I wish I'm as young as you say I am =p But I'm up for good laughs anytime! Not necessarily pranks oi.

    Finally a glimpse of your brother that you mentioned that day over drinks. He looks a lot like you :)

  2. Sam,

    HAHA. We are both still very young just that experience makes me feeling old. Especially when we have became mother. But hey, I still act young ey :)

    He does? Maybe the cheaky way :D


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