Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I miss my loud loving grandma.

My late grandma screamed, shouted and yelled. But with love. Don't ask me on what basis do I categories the screaming, yelling and shouting as loving. Cause I never knew. I just felt it. She had two daughters. My aunt and my mother. Two girls who grew up watching her screaming with love. Both of them grew up to be deeply affected by this habit.

My aunt was born to be the most perfect mother on earth who will shout and then hug her kids.

My mother, on the other hand, yells, shouts, screams, shrieks and everything. Then she will say harsh words that often make us feel like we are the shit unlucky kids. Followed by sticks or hangers on our bodies. It is all identical to me. She will just throw stuffs like plates, pots, or anything near her when she's angry (she claims that she gets that from her mother which is my late grandma). I last received this after high school. And now, my youngest brother is her current victim.

Thankfully, I don't shout. And I am very loving. Let's hope I don't get the 'shouting' genetic from them as I grow older. If I do, let's hope it's from grandma or aunt.

I miss my loud loving grandma.



  1. im sure you are nothing like your mum.

  2. Is,

    Yea, I'd like to believe so. Thanks ey :D


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