Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Thirteenth Day of Being Away. The Twelfth Day of Being Sick

Good day!

I am off to another private hospital soon. We can't trust the previous doctor so my CEO decided to bring me to another one. As promised, I have finished up my last dosage last night. Fever is still bugging me. Vomited until the sink got jammed and caused my GM to call for plumber again this morning. Scratched the whole body until bleeding. But yet, still here and smiling *grin* :)

Later babes!



  1. Hey babe. I am still waiting for car to take me.

    Last one hour they said "another ten minutes"

    and just now they said "ten more minutes".

    Just changed the placement of the words :)

    So I guess another one hour of waiting?

    Don't worry :)

  2. Wow... your CEO sounds really nice. :) Glad you're in good hands. These Bangla viruses look POTENT.

  3. Yea he is nice guy. And handsome :P


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