Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sentiment or rationality?

Today, I am feeling very agitated. Half of me is so sad and angry and another half is forcing (as hard as I can possibly think) to let go.

What right does a human have to hurt others' feeling. Particularly, a woman hurting another woman's fragile heart. I am trying not to hate cause the fault can possibly be mine. I am trying to accept one's past so that I can move on with one's future.

I also know that ever famous saying "past is past". Oh, very well.

So it's very much my choice. Sentiment or rationality?



  1. i dun like this type of post. hey babe, whoever said you cant hate. hate as much as you want. but love more that you could possibly want to be loved. let's talk soon ok.

  2. Hey babe. I don't like this too. But what else should I do? Scream like high school or start crying? Hmmm

    I hate other women. I really do. Why can't they be pretty and nice like me? lol

  3. leaving soon babe not tonight. flight at 8. mummy said need to drop by at uncle johan's hse at putrajaya first. you take care. dun think too much. life is so beautiful indeed ok? let's write to each other. i wont be connected to internet until i manage to settle down but you can ask abang is if you need anything alright. love you a lot.

  4. u've got ppl around you to delight you. make used of them. dont always keep things for urself or you will end up looking like mummy :P

  5. Yiyi babe I cant even find time to see you :(.

    I miss you dearly. Do write me once you managed to get internet connection alright?

  6. Is, stop disturbing me or I kill you :P

  7. babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...!

    omg.its being ages didnt hear from u!why ur post seemed to be very mellow nie?r u ok in bangla?hope u doing grand babe!i have goosips to tell u!ym pls.u gimme the id:))

  8. Haha, yea so mellow willow, it's been ages right? :)

    I have added you babe. On YM. Go accept it hee


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