Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Romance doesnt end just because your pussy gets dry

Hubby and I were talking about some people who treat marriage like prison and trying so hard to prove that wedding or marriage is their death. And there's no way to have romance and to hanky panky in front of others especially if they are older.

Those are the satans who make young married people get so scared to grow old. Cause we are worried that this romance will fade off like the old's ones.

Go get some lubricant lah! Unbelievable.



  1. They don't know how to grow old gracefully. "Marriage is their death" is merely and excuse.

    Look at Hugh Heftner LOL

    I'm sure even Peter Pan would like to grow up. Wait, I think he did! Movie - Hook (Robin Williams).

    How are you, Yan? :)

  2. They surely don't know how to do that. Y'know people are full of excuses. And Peter Pan, HAHAHA :)

    I am doing great Eve. Just a little kang cheong about flying off this Friday.

  3. Dammit. My friend had a crush on Peter Pan. In the Disney movie. How old was he then? 11? But that actor ham sup like hell... I'm sure he had a secret stash of porn in Never Never Land.

  4. Damn it. She had a crush on Peter Pan? Hahaha :P

    I never really liked Peter Pan cause he's not as good looking as the prince charming in Snow White with a horse somemore :))))


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