Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Night Yan Was Her Real Self

Last night dinner was so fun. I danced (and embarrassed myself) in front of (and with) all my big bosses.It was a time I didn't care about what people might say about me :D

And melted my make-up and yet still wanted to take pictures because I didn't give a shit how did I look

It was an oldies traditional costumes theme. I chose maroon saree as my dinner attire ;)

Won a big teddy bear which everybody envied and some other cheapo vouchers.

It was when I flaunted and embarrassed myself. It was when I loosen up at work. It when I had so much fun. It was when I had the chance to dance hands in hands with my big bosses. It was when I got free drinks. It was when I loved my job :)

It was also when I know the real feeling of not having my photographer with me and ended up having shitty pictures like this :)))



  1. sweeeets!
    i love the sari.super hot!

  2. babe,this is too sweet.ah when can i have my own prince charming?
    faster post up your reply to him hehe =)

  3. eh the other post the other post


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