Friday, January 16, 2009

It was one Sunday I spent time with a girlfriend, again

I went out with Sam on last Sunday when she was around in town - visiting family members and relatives. Lucky me, to be able to have her for hours seeing that she has limited time to be spent with her family members and friends.

I planned to take her out for lunch to Bora Ombak. A quite famous makan place in Ampang (Been there once - was satisfied with the place and food). But she was invited by her aunt to have lunch at her's instead. So we just went for some drinks at The Apartment, KLCC before headed to Pavillion for JCo Donuts. Boy, this girl can eat better than me but yet still so slim ;)

Sam, that day was spectacular. We talked and talked and talked a lot I started to miss you already. Since I haven't had time to upload the pictures taken from my camera, I will just put a picture of us I grabbed from your facebook's page.

Sam & Yan at The Apartment, KLCC

And, if fate follows, I will be bugging you at Kuching before September. That, I promise.



  1. g'morning!

    u were online when i left u a message regarding a photo i very much favor hehe.

    give me 3 years and my metabolism would so bail out on me =p


  2. hey hey hey, yea I know about the picture which has became your profile picture yes? Hahaha ;)))) Hugssss!

  3. looking good babe.and nice dress.i cant wait to see your collection.

  4. Thanks dahling. God I miss you. Come over my place yea!


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