Monday, December 15, 2008


It's been months since I last blogged. I am wondering if readers still check out my blog or not. Most probably not but hey, since I have mood to blog today, who give a heck right?

My physical condition is getting much better and we are still working on the treatment too.

Thus, I am currently not attached to any job so for the time being, I am doing my Online Boutique business full time, at home, in front of TV while munching cookies ;)

So far, it's doing rather good than expected. The response from Malaysian shoppers are very good.

I am hoping that I can expand my business to a bigger market since this is what I want to do and love to do. The only thing is, I need more capital and definitely more feedback from you all on this business.

So do me a favor darlings, write me and say what you gotta say!

P/S I went for an interview on Saturday and got the job but had to say no because of their unfixed working hours. Got another two interviews this Wednesday and Saturday. Don't know what to expect urm....

Much hugs from home,
The Juicy Closet Owner
(Proud One)


  1. hey..i've not been blogging too..will check out your stuff after this week when i'm done with assignments..i feel so guilty even randomly browsing (and sidetracking) cos i've been procrastinating on the dumb assignment for 3 weeks. hee :)

    p/s: ur clothes can fit long people like me kah? *lol*

  2. Ah, so good to receive comment again. Something to look forward to when posting an entry ;)

    Of course can la, you are not fat but long maaa. Haaa *envious*

    I want to be tall too. Maybe I still can stretch oh. Gotta try hanging at monkey bars after finish period


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