Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hear me out

Restless by Cecilia Borromeo
"It is that perennial immateriality dwelling between living and dying
crouched in the corners and grappling by the hinges
only to remain unseen;
We weave our web of what we believe we understand
of the relationship of our acts and events
only to remain misunderstood;
From that odd wisp of steam of heated discussions
to the urgent hiss of a new page calling;
I teeter on that thin ice --
That single space of uncertainty --
And I ask
“What am I doing here?”. "

Have you ever felt so restless? You have something in mind but don't know how to spit it out in correct words, correct sentences, in correct meaning. So that the one who is hearing catch the right meaning. Without putting yourself in a guilty position. When you are not.

We had a perfect time. Then we faced something. We got scared for nothing. We shiver. Then we feel like throwing it all. But we have no right shoulders to do so. In the end, we did it but to the wrong shoulder who refused to be the victim. But how to get a perfect pair of shoulders if we are sticked to one?

What should we do? Cry or just shout? But that will only ruin the perfect time we had.


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