Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Headbands anyone?

Whenever I have problem in styling my damaged hair or when I am bored with looking myself in the mirror with that ugly hair, it makes really bengang. I resist the urge to keep trimming it off (because I need to be patient to let it grow back) and instead search for the hair accessories.

Headbands are my first choice and they are just fabulous for giving me a better look for my moody hair. I wear them to hold my bangs off my forehead at gym, to cover the curled part (mostly when I don't have time to drop by at Salon for a blow dry-wash session on every alternate days) or sometimes to even look cute and sweet on my decent days.

And now (after my house keeping) I decided to get more.

Since I am also looking for Blair-inspired headbands, spotted one that I like in one of the Gossip Girls' scenes.

And like the one that Sandra wears too. I like it because it just cover your messy hair. I have few of this in various colors.

And caught Dawn Yang wearing this one. I know this is so in. I had one before I left it at gym :(. Now I don't know where can I get this one :S (Anybody knows?)

And this one really suits my moody/short hair!

So anyone got any idea where to get nice/classy looking headbands to add in my collection? Please please email me! [juicyyan at gmail dot com]


  1. agreed. headbands to the rescue! it works for u cos u have short hair. and it looks better on bobs and extra short hair dos too.

  2. Yea I am so into it lately heee. You have great taste darl. I likey :)


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