Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Oh yea I wanted to show you the dress I just got from Lovely Lolitas;
I think this is the only shot of the whole (3 quarters of) dress. Want to show you the back side but unfortunately I don't have it.

And some pictures over the weekend,

I am drooling over few dresses, tops, handbags, accessories and shoes. Sigh. But, I won't be able to shop until end of this year (let's hope not heee).

I say,

"My wardrobe is so dull. Everything is same old same old. I always have tough time to choose something to wear. That's why I always take too long time to get ready. I so need a wardrobe refreshments!"

Honey say,

"Aiyo, Hunny, you have so much clothes already. More than I could possibly think a woman should have. You have conquered all the wardrobes in this house"

After some house keeping over the weekend (and the so-unsual tough moment in getting ready for Babylon A.D last night), I KNOW, that I need more hair accessories, more belts, more fancy earrings, more low cut tops, more cargo pants and more casual tops.

And I also KNOW that I have too may dresses which I have not worn yet or just wore once or twice and grasped that they can't be worn to work, gym or malls cause they are just too classy or they are just too short (and I can't be bothered to shave my legs lately). Aiyo! How?

And, and and.....

I badly need to shop for more gym clothing. I really am tired of wearing the old ones (ceh, so mengada-ngada).


I know....

That we need to save $$$ for the new condo and festive seasons. Plus, I have shopped way too much for the couple of months. In addition, I am going to Mumbai again next month and I know I SURE SHOP again!! Urm.

*Scratching my itchy head.

Footnote: Babylon A.D was disappointingly terrible. Anti climax. No proper ending.


  1. clothes u wear basically builds credibility in stuff u'll pick for ur boutique to sell. meaning good taste = more customers. yes yes?

  2. Yeap yeap exactly Sam, so I know I have reasons to shop right? ;)


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