Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thanks, GOD. For making me this smart.

Hey, I almost forgot. Does anybody has the old Too Phat album? Can't remember which one, shit. Hey babe, which one again?

And Diana darling, KRU had an anniversary concert back in town this week. And it was awesome. Well, just to update you haha! :)

Yesterday, I just had another bad day at work. Yeap! A bad day, you people. Being screwed by Miss Lady Boss was not a thing I want on any Mondays. But guess what, towards the end of the day, after I successfully resolved the problem, I received a 'You did a good job! I am glad you managed to do this!' email from Miss Lady Boss.

See, life is always beautiful, indeed.

During the whole process of squeezing my dead drained brain to get the solutions on how to settle the shit that I generated, I told myself; Life can't be that bad, there must be something I can do. I am a bloody smart girl. Oh yes, I do that all the time. It helps a lot, yeap, yeap, by telling yourself that you are good, you are smart, you are beautiful, that will help a lot!

So yes, I got him involved in my problem, again. I obtained him to squeeze his brain to produce some intelligent sentences to be put in the settling problem email.

He did.

And I managed to write a long intelligent email on suggesting some great solutions to settle that shit. And that resolved the shit for my day, on Monday.

Shit, I am smart!


  1. darling, Plan B
    hehe :P :P
    i tot u frgt dy LOL
    but if x have, tape laa
    heeee KRU concert !!!
    am waiting fr THAT POST ok !!!

  2. Hey,
    Am so sorry, I couldn't get the CD. Tried (though gotta admit not hard enough) but couldn't get one. Like so difficult :(


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