Thursday, July 24, 2008

KOI Kinrara Show Unit Viewing

Oh yes, our new obsession is viewing show units. Let it be apartments, condominium or houses.

Some pictures here of the one we viewed last month. It is located nearby Bandar Puteri, Puchong. Quite a strategic place though;


  1. Wahh the place looks really nice! I wish I had a place like that lah :(

  2. Yea it looks so nice. I kept complaining to the property agent, why la they have to make it look too nice. Sigh. But yeah, we have bought a unit, another completed unit. Now getting it to be renovated then can move in, proudly :)

  3. R u sure the unit call Koi Kinrara?Im one of the owner alredi bought the said property and know that is still under conruction le..

  4. Hi JesAKABen,Yea, it is Koi Kinrara but this was only the show unit which is located at Bandar Puteri. The condo itself is located at Jalan Puchong there.

    Still under construction ;)

    The one that my husband and I bought is Koi legian, and we are staying there now :D


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