Friday, July 25, 2008

The day I know I am the luckiest girl in Malaysia if not in this world

I went to watch SATC The Movie last night at 11.45pm. Dressed up, clear headed, accompanied and happy. Though I had a lil fight (which involves some shouting) with one of the bloody rude GSC staff named Viki (By the way guys, just in case you guys go there, be ordinarily prepared to get your mood spoiled by this Vikki -Indian lady. She was good on that), luckily, it didn't spoil my long awaited night. Thanks to Honey :)

The sandals I wore last night.
Been planning to wear high heels and stuff for so long
but ended up wearing these cause afraid it will scare Honey out :)
It was bad enough that I put on make up and dress (luckily I didn't proceed with my plan to bring a bottle of champagne)
which is why he kept asking me " Are you sure you want to do this?"...

On our way there, tried so many times
to get a nice shot together,
just to prove that we can have
a nice self taken picture together but it failed horribly :)

And that's me being ME :)

Finally, a must have picture with my girlfriends :)

So, enough about me. Now let me give a lil brief introduction about the movie :)

Let's start with the stars.

Carrie Bradshaw - Sarah Jessica Parker
Samantha Jones - Kim Cattrall
Charlotte York - Kristin Davis
Miranda Hobbes - Cynthia Nixon
Mr. Big - Chris Noth
Enid Frick - Candice Bergen
Louise - Jennifer Hudson
Steve Brady - David Eigenberg
Harry Goldenblatt - Evan Handler
Smith Jerrod - Jason Lewis
Anthony Marentino ... Mario Cantone
Magda - Lynn Cohen
Stanford Blatch - Willie Garson

Then the movie!

Since all my girlfriends have watched this movie, I think it is okay for me to give some spoilers here haha. Charlene, you yourself said that you want to wait for the uncensored DVD version so don't blame me. I just can't wait that long to do this :) He heee...

So lets' do this,

For a TV series show to be compiled into a great movie, I will say that it is not easy. I mean, look at those compiled movies. From novels or series, they ended up being too brief or even too full of rubbish. And yes, for this time, I would say the long awaited Sex And The City The Movie has made it! To the perfection!

The show’s creator, King dispenses with a quick guide or the fast forward summary of the SATC The Series in short order for the beginning, to introduce to the audiences, especially to those who have never really watched the series but trying to be those wannabe (s) that is so hook'd up to the hottest drama movie of the year ( I would say). He successfully helped those people to understand why do Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte always talk about dick, balls, small balls, short dicks or finding love in New York City! Like all the time or most of the time. Hoping that they will enjoy the ride as much as people like me do :) But what made it perfect? Was it Sarah Jesicca Parker or Carrie?

Or was it just parties, friendships, dresses, shoes, men and love? Yes. Big YES.

If only the movie exhibited the same dedication to focus more on the part Mr. Big tried hard to talk to Carrie before the unsuccessful wedding.

Each of the women, wants to become Carrie. Able to write. Got to appear on Vogue (though in a very awkward manner), got to have VIP passes to all sort of glamorous parties, have a huge closet and being loved by someone big, Mr. Big. She made it in this big huged fan'd movie of mine. Okay, I won't write so much about her because if I do, I can't stop and it can be a total spoiler to those who have not watched :)

As for new star, Jennifer Hudson tried her luck as Carrie’s new assistant, graced beautifully. But there is a but, “The Dreamgirls” was better, for her.

Never a surprise, great men fancy women with taste. Nicely highlighted in this movie. “Just like old times,” Samantha sighs during one joint outing, and it must have felt that way, something I really want to do in my life, apart from loving him. Charlotte was being a fab mummy. Lily was adorable. Rose is just another cute creature. Harry was the man. Miranda was always the serious and grumpy one, matched with a plain man, Steve with an innocent son, Braddy. Samantha's role was always classy and bitchy, and Smith, just hot.

Kind of like old times, sipping coffee with girlfriends bitching about your men and the city. Most of all, it's about love and friendship.

Wide smiley me.

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