Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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For those who have been reading this blog for a while may understand that I have some friendship issue. The trying-to-find-true- friendship issue.
Yesterday, I told honey;

"Honey I think I have decided that I am not going to keep doing this. They come and go in my life as they wish. When they think that I should be invited, they will invite or else I will only see the pictures of them having fun online. The reason, because I am working. Oh well if they really have the heart to even ask me whether or not I am working, they can at least sms me or call me first right? Oh boy, maybe it is just me.You know why I still want to keep this friendship, honey? Because I thought I still need them. I thought I still need friends to hang out. I mean, apart from you. I thought I need them, no matter how hurt I feel deep inside, being left out. Yea.... maybe I am being sensitive. But I also do have feeling right?.......

.....Hey, am I that bad of a friend?"

Then that poor guy finally got a chance to speak (I love you for this baby...);

"Hey, no you are not. You were always being a good friend and still are. They just do not know how to appreciate you. So just slip it out, okay?"


What happened is, I suddenly got carried away by some bunch of friends who treats me like chipsmore. They call me when they want. They promise to see me then simply break it without even telling me. For a minute, I was thinking that I have no other friends. I was being simply silly. I know.

Yes. I was totally wrong.

I DO have other FRIENDS. Real friends who have been through thick and thin with me. Who makes me laugh and cry. They are the ones who I should consider as good friends.

Firstly, Ajiera. She never failed to make me feel loved. She is the one I will invite to all my family occasions. She is the one I will call in the middle of any nights when I found out from Mr. Doctor that I am pregnant or I finally got my piece of scroll. She is the one I will only tell when I fight with Mr. Lovely (cause I do not tell people about my life as I am a very secretive person when it comes to relationship). Hey you, I love you!

Liza, we share a very beautiful bond from the first day we met. And we still do, baby!

Azyati and Muharir. They are one lovely couple I love by the distance.

Eida, a girl I always miss. No matter what the life reality is. No matter how bad my situation is, I never feel ashamed to call myself as your friend. And I think we owe each other some milk :)

Aimy, Fasha, Lai, Gerg, Hora, Waida, Elly, Anis, Ju, Rina, Yaya, you are the ones that I will always put in my guest list for anything I want to do. I miss having your companies. You guys rock.

Cho and Fahmi, I personally owe you two a lot. Not too much if I say, I love you guys? :)

Arif, hey you are my coolest mate! You are the one I do not mind to share my stories with :)

Ilham, you are the one. What ever happened, you were the one who was there for me when I needed a good friend. Thanks!

The rest... Jaa, Abby, Zamani, Fia, Linda, Lenny, Al, Apek, Nana, Zaim, Azim, Pian, Hermie, Jhuar, Syuk, Raja, Dayah, Zero, Asyraf, Dayat, Haifa, Aini, Aira, Ana,Mashiroh, Ily, Annis, Anep, Hanif, Azman, Meni, Sue, Amir, Qayyum, Rahdy, Dijah, Mirah, Ezie, Fia, Fiza, Seniq, Qima, Syie, Fizah, Beddy, Ravin, Reedzki, Pjoe, Anne, Najib, Hafiz, Aidil, Halim, Azma, Sofi, PG, Mihsan and everybody who I do not mention here. We have shared our 5 beautiful years together and I certainly know that we couldn't ask for more.

P/S I love you all and those who read this entry and cannot find your names anywhere, please leave a message because I write this on a spontaneous basis. No preparations. And definitely not having any names list in my hands.


  1. babe, sorry if i (like other people) make u felt that way.. i promise u to be one of ur gr8 frenz although we didn't see each other often.. sorry for missed out some part of ur life (i once had a hard time [year 2000-2006]).. will try to always put u in my coming events of my life.. luv ya!

  2. Hey hey hey!
    You know I love you!
    Thanks babe :)

  3. Hey Baby Girl,
    Thanks for dropping by even though just to say that you love me:)
    And hey, I love you too!

  4. wah, i think i just saw my name written in the entry..i'm so touched =). well, even tho x slalu contact, i do remember u dear. friends forever (^^)

  5. Hey dear!
    Oppss so glad that I did write your name :)
    I seriously worried that somebody read and can't find their names anywhere in the entry and will feel bad. You know, I wrote it spontaneously and never planned about the names so the chance for any body's names not to be written is very high.
    Btw, thanks for dropping by :)

  6. in the list..yea.. new to this blogging stuff...kinda fun though.

    but i'll swear that i will only update my blog on saturday saturday nite...cause that the only time left that i dont stuck in school...i hate school...

  7. Lucky man! Haha if your name is not in I won't be able to see you anymore haha :) Welcome to blogosphere!

  8. first of all,that's trillion of names.if u ask me,i can never mention that lot u know.SO.u shudnt feel dat bad!BUT.r u sure i shud be put as the first one??i thot i had ILUSI OPTIK or something.saye sgt terharu...

    i dont have a blog,but im interested,but i dont think i have much time for this,but i have diaries,and i write a lot.i mean,A LOT.SO.I AM SO SORRY THAT THIS IS MY FIRST TIME SINGGAH-ING YOUR BLOG.YOU HAVE A VERY BEAUTIFUL LIFE i can say.and i love you the same.forever and always.

  9. forgot one more thing.u promised me ull always be there for me kan?even things get rough kan?kan?i hope its true.bcoz ur the only one i trust.
    whatever u do,i know u know it're still sane so im not so worried hee bye~

    p/s:tell seb im not so gud in speaking english.i understand wat u guys talk about but i had very difficult time struggling with TALKING IN ENGLISH in front of u-two-fast-talking-rojak-eng+malay+chinese.
    if i talk,ull find me whispering and struggles=est with simple she,he,was,is,are,were etc.i guarantee!ok.

    it's me.jiera.


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