Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I want SEX (and the city) please....

Oh tell me why I shouldn't envy her. She actually went to the Lion City to (actually) watch the movie. Sigh. I really wish honey is reading this !

Diana darling has watched it like last two weeks. Ago? As they released it way too early in Sydney. And some other white higher tech countries. I have restricted Diana from writing about it as I am so do-not-want-to know about the story plot or what nots before even watch it myself. In Cinema, I mean! I even restricted myself from reading the synopsis. I have stopped googling about it closer to the date. Paranoid. Mad. Yea I know.

And yes...TYI has just watched it in the neighbour's cinema....O.oo boy fly me to Sydney now. Or. Singapore.

TYI said, it will be 20 minutes shorter here. Great. Just great.

I just got back from Eye Hospital. Not good at all. This issue has been prolonged for way too long. Dear God, I really need my good eye sight. I do not wish to wear glasses or lenses. Far of a surgery. Please...


  1. Hehe Putri and I have watched it. You want me to tell you the whole story? The dresses? The shoes?


  2. Oh cant wait for the movie to come out. So much hype eh. Wont be too long from now I guess :)

  3. Yea its coming out soon. It's just that '20 minutes shorter' I hate! :(

  4. have u watched it ?????
    hehe :P :P


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