Thursday, May 15, 2008

Was at Marie Digby's Live in One Utama (no idea whether it's called Concert or Showcase or what) yesterday.

Only managed to get few shots;

And sorry for the emo post yesterday. He hee...

Just wanna share with you few pictures of my/our favorites today. Not so into writing. Too much to reflect, too little idea to split.

Our favorite choice of tapau'd Dinner, Nasi Lemak with this Ayam Goreng.

Our Favorite choice of tapau'd supper, Ramly Burger near our place.

My favorite color which I get him to have on. :)

Our Favorite sun glasses.

So, do you still think I am cute?


  1. yes you ARE! :D

    good to see uncle seb not wearing his very uncle work shirts, haha! last time i remember he asked me to be his 'consultant' to pick out new shirts so he can pick up hot chicks, hee hee hee :)

  2. heee :)

    Yea la. he is so fussy and picky and uncle,man!
    The shirts that you guys shopped are so much better than his old ones. aiyo, cant imagine how did he manage to tackle me with the old & uncle-lish ones.

    To pick up hot chicks?*sigh, he say only, but ended up pick up any chicks (as long as called chicks)before finally met me (the real hot one ;p)

    Trust me, his taste is so uncle.

    Lucky he has us haha!

    now, the shirts you chose shrunk a bit, look a bit tight but still wearable.


  3. hey,
    Had u watch P/s I Love You movie??
    If u dont, I have the link to download it.


    its a rapidshare link...but if u want another host link, here:

    The password for extracting it is: mo3adz@W-BB

    P/s: If u wonder why im posting all this, look here~

    n hope you know how to download from that link...

    n if you already watched it...just ignore this msg~...ok then...^_^

  4. Hey hey hey,

    Thank you so much!
    But I have watched it,


    But thanks again anyway, maybe I can share this links with the others :)

  5. u are darling!
    im coming home soon.nak pesan apa2 tak?nak pesan brg fr london oso can coz i naik fr london!heee;p

  6. Hey dahling,

    The real reason why I want to you to get something from me is because I want to make sure you come back and see me :) :) :)

    So, please please get me some house decorations like fridge magnets or something.


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