Friday, May 16, 2008

Boarding school....

Updated: 4.08 pm

Oh yea, call me a bad sister but I really forgot to wish my sister, Happy Birthday!!
But I did wish her this morning on the phone. I did have the thoughts to surprise her last one week by thinking to get her fiance here today on her birthday (which I just 'suddenly forgot' about it until this morning *sigh)......I am so sorry.


Today is Teacher's day too. So for all my teachers (in kindergarten, primary school, high school & college) & the all teachers out there, Happy Teacher's Day. Thank you so much for teaching me to be more discipline and for giving me all the knowledge I need.


To Felicia, please please try to enjoy being a teacher there in far far away land, Seremban :) I miss you from here and let's get together when you decided to get out from the town for a night off & few glasses of drinks okay?


Last night, while waiting to fall asleep; I suddenly remembered (This 'suddenly remember' is my favorite words) about my high school reminiscence.

I quickly asked honey whether or not he wants to listen to my story. So he said yes.

"Honey, you know what? (Of course he doesn't know right he hee).
When I was in boarding school, I stayed in a two blocks hostel.
Each block has three floors.

There were Iron Room
(Not like really iron la, it's the clothes iron room)......

(which I seldom visited or entered, because I rarely ironed my clothes
since I sent mine to laundry at our school bus driver's house.
Well, the wife did laundry for those lazy + got extra money students ;p)

opps, lets continue with the conversation,

...... Prep-Rooms (it's study room), Warden Rooms,
Rec-Room (it's recreational room for TV watching & slacking sessions),
Prefect Room, Guest Room,
Toilets & Laundry Room on the Ground Floor.

All the dormitories were on First Floor & Second Floors."

Notes : *It's so fun to stay in hostel, right people? He hee. The rooms name are so appealing, there are so many amenities & it sounds more like a contemporary life rather then stoned age people who should be living in caves, duncha think so?

Okay okay, I know I know. I always dash out from the track right. Urm...

"So, hmmm. As boarding school students,
we were required to be good in everything
(yeah yeah, I am trying to show off here),
we need to excel in both academics and coco (heee it's co-curriculum).
We needed to be able to talk in public, we needed to be able to be thick skin.
We needed to be able to compile more than 10 certificates et cetera.
Thus, we participated in so many clubs and activities.
Sometimes we need to make a simple announcement
(which also the requirement to be called as a boarding school product)
without needed to go to PA System room
to use the mike. What we do; we gonna stand in front of our dorms
(along side the corridor)
and shout as loud as we can;

Attention to all the members of Recreational Club,
you are required to gather at 5C class during the prep-hour at 3.00 pm!!!!!!

We needed to make sure that all the students in each dorm
from the whole two blocks will hear us loud and clear enough.
And that was what I did best.
He hee (Yes I laughed like this when telling him, okay.
cute adorable right? ) ....."

Hmmm, so whoever said that boarding school is not fun? It's totally fun, right Diana?

See, I am yan.
I am a boarding school product.
And I am still fun!



  1. hehe..kenangan yg xblh lupa skali psl kes kat library tu...kalu teringat mesti sengih sorng2 ...lawak gile...

  2. wtffff
    u have an entry on boarding skoooll??
    no kidding man
    we are boarding skool product
    and still FUN!
    i think that only applies to people like us, hahahhhaaha!!!!
    bcos sum ppl are freaking boring till, nowww??
    yeahh bebeh
    i hate the stupid f*** up senior junior staff
    d**khead, i tell u !
    but yeahh, besides those shittt
    we still had FUN memories tho'
    huhuhu :P :P
    btw, u frgt to mention about "sembahyang dlm dorm"
    hehehe :P :P

  3. Hey hey hey!

    Looks like my boarding school post has caught some attention :)

    Kenangan dekat library? He hee, boleh cerita yang aman satu? Too much funny things happened :)

    Yeah baby. We are!
    Oh I kinda miss school la babe.


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