Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunny holidaysssss

Oh yes I love like I've never been hurt cause I am a full time lover.

Hey, I am off to East Coast tomorrow morning. Yay! And I am so glad that I am no longer having fever :). Hey, it's not always raining y'know. And it's going to get very sunny SOON!!!!

You know you need a gate away or holiday when;

1) You keep dreaming of a naked hubby in a hotel room (not in your home room).
2)You started to complain that you don't feel like going anywhere in the city during weekends cause you went there too often.
3)You started to eye on other people's holiday pictures and say "I could do that kind of pose".
4)You started to please yourself by saying "It's okay, he will take me for holidays when we really need one".
5)You notice that your bag pack is very dusty in the store room.
6)You keep feeling feverish and sick.

Til then, take care babies. I'll be back next week with sun tans...


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